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Meet Gloop.

Our motion graphics & animation service specializing in: branded content, explanatory videos, web promos, TV promos, sports animation & adverts.
30 Lines Gloop Motion Graphics from BUDA
Video Opens

We think of logos as living, breathing elements of your brand. Gloop brings them to life through movement and animation – show what you do, how you do it, or why.

Apartminty Gloop Motion Graphics BUDA agency Gainesville, FL
How It Works

Maybe your product has several steps and you want your clients to understand them all? Let us help with a process animation or simulation that’s easy to digest and understand.

Gloop Motion Graphics from BUDA Gainesville, FL
Branded Content

Need a hand explaining your product or services to customers or your brand to clients? Skip the lengthy email and show them instead with custom motion for your brand or business.

A Gloop is a custom product.

Every animation project we work on is different, but they share the same foundation. Here’s a crash course in Gloop-making.
The Brief

We listen to your needs & objectives then figure out the best way to convey that message to your audience. Here we establish the visual style, audio elements and project deadline.


With the script & style approved, now we begin to animate. Animation is not a quick process and this stage can take several weeks to complete depending on the length of the voiceover or the visual complexity.

The Script

We create a script for your Gloop or we can use one that you already have. Together we’ll tweak until it’s just right; and once approved move on to sketching and/or voice over recording.


Your Gloop may require a narration, we’ll find the perfect voice to match the work and add appropriate sound effects or music. If your Gloop is better seen and not heard, we can deliver a voice-less track or instrumental only.


Using the approved visual guidelines we develop the elements for your Gloop and show you key frames of our idea. These are not storyboards but an actual sample of what the end product will look like.


Gloop Delivery Days are the best! You story is ready to be shared and is delivered based on your technical requirements - don’t forget to tell all your friends with tag #GloopIt

We were very impressed with the work by BUDA. They went above and beyond with the finished product! They understood what was important to highlight from our brand; and delivered a video that showcased just that, in an easy-to-share format. Highly recommend, excellent work!

Deya Romero - Know Where Coffee, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager

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