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City of Gainesville: Department of Doing

ProjectDox City of Gainesville

City of Gainesville: Department of Doing

It’s a really exciting time to be in Gainesville, the city is poised for change and we’re honored to say that BUDA is a part of it.

Recently, the city of Gainesville, Florida launched a series of thoughtful redevelopment and improvement projects aimed at making this dynamic town more citizen-focused.

One of the biggest shifts is making Gainesville into a user-centered city — meaning residents who interact with the city at all touchpoints should have a seamless and user-friendly experience end to end.

Our first project for 2017 was to create a library of resources for the City of Gainesville’s Department of Doing. Pieces included:

  1. Updating their ProjectDox manual – a guide for the City of Gainesville’s super-easy online plan review software. This platform allows citizens to submit requests and monitor the review process for planning, utilities, building and public works.
  2. Updating the department’s Historic District guidelines – these documents are for home or land owners located in Gainesville’s zoned historic neighborhoods

So if you’re a builder, planner, developer or even a home owner who wants to do work within city limits — chances are you’ll get a copy of this guide.


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