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Personal Branding

Jasen LaBorde is the voice of Toronto, Canada. He approached us for a personal portfolio to house his demo reels and a contact form for project inquiries.

Since Jasen didn’t have a lot of content, a single page design suited his needs. It’s fun, responsive and maybe just as hot as he is! Watch the video for a full view.


Jasen LaBorde


Awesome Experience! The fine folks at BUDA were extremely helpful and accommodating. I lead a very busy life with kids and a career and they made me feel confident in placing this important project in their hands. I'm so glad I did, my micro site is beautifully designed and simply, yet effectively promotes my small business, plus it's so sleek looking, I could never create something like this alone. Thanks to BUDA for their artistic eye and communication, they always simplified everything for me so I could follow along with the process! I would highly recommend BUDA!