Visual Design

The request was simple, “Make a super cool report and standardize the information”. The client knew their report had many different end-users so they strived to make it engaging and chock-full of information…in a reasonable amount of space. Naturally, we both wanted to make it fun.

Four shapes make up the design elements, serving as graphic symbols of each Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) district: Eastside, Downtown, College Park & University Heights and Fifth Avenue & Pleasant Street.

Communicator Awards 2019
Award of Excellence — Corporate Communications for Government

This shape was used for Eastside as part of the CRA’s larger narrative to “Look East”. The minimal symbol is a play on an eye, the iris and a pupil – the infinite shape also symbolizes how this district will be under a continual stage of change over the next few years.

This shape represents key CRA projects in the Downtown district that happen to follow the point of a triangle: Bo Diddley Plaza to the north, South Main streetcape to the south, while Depot Park (and the upcoming) Power District to the east makes the last point.

To celebrate the massive NW 1st Avenue streetscape project in College Park & University Heights (CPUH), a simple row of two lines was repeated to indicate the district. This shape symbolizes the street itself and the overhead utility lines that were placed underground.

In the Fifth Avenue & Pleasant Street (FAPS) district dots were used to symbolize the proposed Heritage Trail project – a historical walking tour of the area. This is a minimalist representation of points of interest on a map, just like the journey through Gainesville’s storied past.

We aimed to spark the reader's interest through color and touch, and used a mix of paper types, weights and sizes.

"Having won awards in the past for our annual report, the expectations are generally pretty high, and each year we try to outdo ourselves. BUDA was excellent to work with because they were the perfect balance between collaborating and 'running with it'.

They put their style and elegance into the final product. Even the pages with the financials were lovely.We love working with BUDA and look forward to future projects with them!"

Tricia Lopez
Project Manager
Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency