Visual Design
Civic Design

The City of Gainesville, Florida is redefining their pubic impact through a series of thoughtful processes and improvement projects. One of their biggest goals is making Gainesville into a citizen-centered city — meaning residents who interact with the city, at all touchpoints, should have a seamless and friendly end to end experience.

To help explain these goals, we were charged with creating a library of resources for the City of Gainesville’s Department of Doing, formerly Building and Planning. Pieces included:

ProjectDox Guidelines – a one sheet for the department’s online plan review software. This platform allows citizens, builders and developers to submit requests and monitor the review process for planning, utilities, building and public works.

Historic Homes – these guides are for home or land owners located in the city’s five historic neighborhood zones.

Annexation 101 – this guide explains the benefits, process and eligibility for homeowners if they wish to annex with the city.