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MidiCi the Neapolitan Pizza Company is a fast-fine restaurant concept from Los Angeles, CA.

In Summer 2018 they entered the Gainesville, FL market at the all-new retail center, Celebration Pointe. This was a new franchise, opening in a new development…in a city oversaturated with pizza. We had 60 days to introduce them into the market while explaining what the real pizza napoletana was all about.

the Look

We asked, “What sets MidiCi apart in this market…and how might we make it easy for guests to know what to expect?”

Our answer: MidiCi offers authentic Neapolitan pizza made with traditional cooking techniques, tools and the finest ingredients – imported from the Campania region of Italy.

Education became the approach and guiding principle for this campaign; explaining the restaurant’s components: the buildout, the brand, the culture and mostly, the redefined guest experience. Let’s call it a MidiCi 101.

The biggest inspiration came from the MidiCi environment itself. Franchises play black and white films from mid-century Italian cinema – leading us to research graphic design styles of the period to create a flexible visual identity.

The identity system used two flat colors (from the MidiCi brand), a shape (e.g. the repurposed MidiCi mark), and patterns (created from menu ingredients). This approach spread across our illustrations and animations, maximizing the design’s continuity and recognition.

Having an adaptable design system allows a brand to communicate at any size, in any format.

Inspiration for the design system came from Italian graphic design of the 1940s - 1960s...with a 2018 twist.

Animation &

Two shorts were created as part of the MidiCi 101 campaign and released prior to opening.
The first explains Neapolitan pizza and the second focuses on their inventory of imported ingredients (for that really authentic Neapolitan flavor).

Maximizing on the flexible design system, illustrated elements from each video were used in additional artwork – some became graphics for a custom opening weekend Snapchat filter.

Event &

Brand activation happened during a preview night for local social influencers and businesses, allowing guests to experience the MidiCi brand several days before opening.

Before participating in a cooking demo with a master pizzaiolo and full menu sampling, each received an kit with customized aprons and other goodies. Our content creators were given pizza pins with proper handles and the geo-tag to encourage social sharing.

Video by attendee Jiovanni Sierra


American Advertising Awards 2019
Gold ADDY – Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Gold ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Animation: Pizza Napoletana
Gold ADDY – Elements of Advertising, Animation: Flavors of Napoli

The Telly Awards 2019
Bronze – Social Video: Flavors of Napoli