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The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) needed a clear message around their vision of an improved NW 1st Avenue. Tackling a full streetscape renovation in College Park & University Heights, one of Gainesville’s busiest neighborhoods, required thoughtful communication to different audience groups: property and business owners, vendors and patrons. With nothing more than a few architectural renderings supplied for the project, more was needed to allude to the final outcome and future experience of the neighborhood.

Supporting the affected business along the street was paramount to the Gainesville CRA while they remained open during construction.

Clearly defined goals were set: keeping business owners informed of construction news and encouraging visitors to neighborhood businesses by using our platform to showcase places to visit, things to eat, fun activities and retail.

Buildingan identity

A colorful logo, that echoed a splash of paint, was born from the idea of renewal, renovation and the generous storefront improvement programs from the Gainesville CRA — one of them a building painting and power wash grant.

Monoline illustrations of NW 1st Avenue itself were paired with a custom series of playful illustrations that reflected neighborhood activities and locations. All of this art was used in an integrated marketing campaign, over the course of 20 months.

Spreadingthe word

A custom website housed project information, a business directory, a detailed construction timeline, project infographic and a media room for journalists and bloggers seeking assets.

Communications included a monthly email campaign and image-heavy social media feeds, balancing lifestyle and retail photos from the shops with on-going construction updates.

Promotional items like apparel, buttons and stickers were dispensed throughout the project along with tangibles like event displays and wayfinding and construction/safety signage.

A celebratory close to the More in Midtown campaign with Gainesville CRA Project Managers, local stakeholders and city dignitaries on the all-new NW 1st Avenue.

"We knew communication needed to be paramount to our stakeholders along the corridor and to the UF community - BUDA really set the standard for how we do that moving forward with the More in Midtown campaign."

Sarah Vidal-Finn
Director, Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency