Visual Identity
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The City of Gainesville hopes to create a zero waste mentality by encouraging its citizens to be more thoughtful about their waste production. Their goal is to be a zero waste city by 2040.

The Rethink Waste campaign was created to communicate the vision of Gainesville’s city officials. It required a flexible design system that complemented existing brand standards and could also expand and adapt as needed.

The campaign identity is inspired by the natural colors of north central Florida. It focuses on the impact of waste on waterways and native wildlife; such as the endangered Florida manatee and river otters, seen at nearby springs. This part of the state has special geographical issues; here water pollution is more abundant and dangerous than road pollution.

The style aims to be a gentle nudge into rethinking one’s journey of waste from the start – how it is brought into the home, consumed and ways items can be reused.

The video shows local landmarks like La Chua Trail and downtown's Bo Diddley Plaza and Depot Park.

Animation Process
Single-Use Ban Bumper